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Lucas Leiva hopes to upset his manager Kenny Dalglish by getting a win with Brazil on Saturday when they take on Scotland.

Before departing to join up with his national squad, Lucas and Dalglish chatted about the game – and he was left in no doubt who the Reds manager will be rooting for.

Asked how he believed the 60-year-old would react if Brazil were to beat the Tartan Army, Lucas joked: “I don’t think he will be happy!

“I think he is looking forward to the match as well and we were talking a little bit about the game.

“It is an important game for Scotland because they have a lot of respect for Brazil, but we know how difficult it will be because they have good players and play with more confidence.

“Hopefully we will have a very good match and win. That is the most important thing at the moment.”

He added: “It will be a very important game for us. We lost the last (two) games so the pressure is a bit higher.

“But we have a good team and hopefully we will play a very good match.

“Hopefully we will play with confidence and I am sure we will have a big opportunity to win and be confident for the rest of the games.”


The Italian midfielder has been on loan at Juventus this season and Franco Zavaglia, his representative, said yesterday that the two clubs have an agreement for a June move.

“Juve has the priority and I don’t think they will let him escape,” Zavaglia told Italian radio yesterday. “On 30 June Juventus will be able to buy Aquilani and they should act now.

“They could sign him by making three to four delayed payments, a system which was established last summer. The agreement between Liverpool and Juventus is already there, it all depends on the willingness of Juventus. I think Aquilani will stay at Juventus and there will not be any obstacles.”

After Liverpool FC were knocked out by Europa League the only way for the team to play European football next season is to get at least the 5th spot. With 9 matches remaining Liverpool FC still believe the fight isn’t over with Tottenham on the hunt for the place as well.

Liverpool left their hopes open after 2-0 win over Sunderland at the Stadium of Light considering the team were without captain Steven Gerrard, Daniel Agger, Fabio Aurelio and in an impressive form this season Martin Kelly. Despite that Liverpool showed good football and won the match win goals by Kyut and star man Luiz Suarez.

All the injured players are expected to be ready to play next week, that would give great boost to team which short of players difencively. Getting back important players in the end of the season is great boost for any team considering that Liverpool FC will fight to the end to get that essential European place.

The last time when Liverpool FC couldn’t play in Europe was season 1991-92 . We all hope the team will find its best form in the ast 9 matches and make us happy because in the recent years that is not very common feeling for the Liverpool supporters.

Return of a King!!!

Dalglish took charge of Liverpool FC after 20 years break, succeeding former manager Roy Hodgson after spell of only six months. “Liverpool FC challenge is a tough one, I was under no illusions of the size of the task I am going to face”,Dalglish admitted.

After bad start of the season and some unexpected results for Liverpool FC the future of Hodgson as a manager was clear. He left the club by mutual consent. The Liverpool principal owner John W Henry described the departure of Hodgson as “in the interest of the club”.

Dalglish took in charge as a caretaker till the end of the season with option of extending his contract. “We are delighted that Dalglish has agreed to step up as a caretaker for the reminder of the season”, Henry said.

Giving the job to Dalglish seems to be a good decision of the board. Considering that Dalglish is a legent for that club and the strong relationship between him and the fans it looks that he is the man at this hard times for the club.

Dalglish is the person who can unite the club with his experience as a player and manager at Liverpool FC. He is the most suitable person to restore the broken relationship “manager and fans” left by Hodgson.

All the Liverpool FC fans were delighted with the appointment of ‘The King’ one of them Dobromir Nachev said: “I feel relief that Kenny Dalglish was appointed as a manager, he knows what the club is about. At least he would definitely manage with the club better than Roy Hodgson”.

A lot happened for two months in charge of Dalglish, the biggest one was the selling of Fernando Torres to Chelsea FC for £50m. Many people reacted hard to the decision that Torres took to leave Liverpool FC. When Dalglish was asked how he thinks and feels about the Liverpool star, he said: “Fernando is a very good striker he did good for us but ‘no one is bigger than the club’ no matter who he is”.

The transfer to Chelsea made Torres the most expensive transfer in English club level football. In some occasions it was obvious that Torres has lost his desire to play. Many people and fans were thinking that Torres would dedicate himself to Liverpool FC at least to the end of the season but that wasn’t the case. Unexpectedly Torres left the club in the January transfer window which provoked many Livepool fans. Dobromir Nachev described Torres as ‘traitor’ because just two weeks before his transfer Torres had said he was commited.

Liverpool FC were subject in the newspapers not only with the selling of Torres. Andy Carroll from Newcastle United and Luiz Suarez from Ajax were brought to the club. Only Carroll’s fee was £35m and Suarez’ around £24m so not only Chelsea ‘ splashed the cash’. Tottenham’s manager Hary Redknapp described the January transfer window as ‘nonsense’.

For the most people and Liverpool fans the deal for Carroll was over-priced but in the other hand he is one of the best talents in England. Dobromir Nachev said: “Hell of a lot money was paid for Carroll but if he starts showing what he’s got every penny will woth.”

With Kenny Dalglish in charge many people believe Liverpool FC will its old glory. It remains to be seen whether Dalglish is going to be given onother contract at the end of the season.Dalglish-Anfield




Liverpool FC had frustrating goaless draw yesterday with FC Braga which left them out of the cup. Braga took the first leg with 1-0 with a silly made penalty by Sotiris Kirgyakos.

Anfield suffered another noght not to remember this season. New £35 million signing Andy Carroll made his first full debute but despite his decent play he couldn’t show why he was brought to Anfield. The big name that didn’t took part of the game was the Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard who suffers a knee injury which will take him out of play about a month. Another big missing name that night was Luiz Suarez who is banned to play in this year format of Europa League because he allready played for his former team Ajax Amsterdam.

Braga FC had a good game especially difensively but the truth is that Liverpool didn’t really made enough to brake Braga’s defence. The best chance for Liverpool came in the end of the game when David Engog who came as a substitution almost hit the target from a free kick taken by Raul Meireles.

Obviously Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish wasn’t very happy about his team exit.

“As I say, the fact the goal that decided the tie came from a penalty kick is a reflection of how tight it was between the two teams.”

He added:

“You don’t need to work the goalkeeper if you put it past him. But we didn’t put anything past him.

“You need to be strong creatively if you are going to break down a really organised side. Or you need a bit of luck.

“We certainly didn’t have much fortune over the two legs but I suppose everyone would say the same thing.

“Like every other team in the world we could use a bit more creativity but we are no different to anyone else.”


The Social Network

‘The Social Network’, movie about the website Facebook. The idea of the movie is to show the people how a ‘bad joke’ started the idea for a social website that nowadays has 20million members all around the world.

After all the movie is about Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, his relationships and efforts to build the world’s most powerful social networking site. As laughable as a movie about the founding of a website might seem on paper, I’ll say this now: they pull it off. They more than pull it off, they do it superbly with wit, charm, comedy, and pretty decent drama. It’s a good movie, plain and simple. Not the greatest in the world – the film slows to a crawl after the first hour – but it’s a gripping tale of losers succeeding in overthrowing the monopoly of upper-crust Harvard society to become some of the most influential people of the 21st century.

The Social Network is a dramatization of history. All the characters are real and most key events did happen, but the depiction of certain characters must be acknowledged. Now that that’s out of the way, I will say that it is an excellent dramatization, and a very excellent portrayal of the multiple, conflicting stories of the founding of the website. Jesse Eisenberg’s rendition of Mark Zuckerberg is very interesting. He’s a complex, eccentric, determined, and ultimately flawed character. He develops the precursor to Facebook in order to spite an ex-girlfriend, unapologetically hacks through multiple Harvard security systems, uses his friends, and asserts his own genius above others.

The movie truly accomplishes its task of capturing the social revolution that Facebook was the center of. Watching the evolution of the site from its days at Harvard to other Universities, and eventually for all people around the world reminds us all of the humble beginnings and how far the site has come.

The movie represents how people live in 21st century economically and socially.The Internet has become a place where you can express yourself without feeling shy or uncomfortable, you can speak free and even be more direct.

Go,Go Liverpool FC

I salute all Liverpool fans for the 1-0 win v Sparta Prague. Dirk Kyut’s late goal left us into the cup. View full article »

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